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Too Geeky for Its Own Good? - 4/3/2006 - Publishers Weekly

A discussion of the New York Times Book Review SF column - Publishers Weekly.

A Review of 'Accelerando'

The Pinocchio Theory: Accelerando - Charles Stross‘ Accelerando (available for free download here) is a science fiction novel about the Singularity, the hypothesized point when radical increases in computing power — expressed both in neurological enhancements to our brains, and in the development of autonomous artificial intelligences — lead to an absolute discontinuity in history (the word was first used in this sense, as far as I know, by Vernor Vinge).


SF books I've read

I've decided to try and list all the SF books I've read and try to group them by types of SF.


A very interesting take on fanfic

Making Light: "Fanfic": force of nature

Great article about book publishing

alg: P&Ls and how books make (or don't) money: part the first: the mass market original complete failure


Prominent Scifi Discussion Boards

Topics - Night Shade Books Discussion Area

From author Jeff Vandermeer


Gene Wolfe is one of my favorite writers.

Lupine Nuncio - Gene Wolfe News and Rumors


An recent article about Harlan Ellison

Dangerous Visions


Has to be added

Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame


Stories on the Hugo Ballot from:

Fantasy and Science Fiction

A review of the Nebula collection

Nebula Awards Showcase 2006 at

Philip K. Dick Award

  This year's Philip K. Dick Award and
  previous winners at The Locus Index to SF Awards.

Ditmar Awards for Australian SF

Past Ditmar Winners

The BSFA awards were this past weekend

The results are unofficial, but are reported at Emerald City Weblog » BSFA Awards: Science Fiction and Fantasy News


SF Masterworks Reviews Archive

Some classics at The SF Site

A Battlestar Galactica cornucopia

Documents on Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica

Stanislaw Lem 1922-2006

Man enough - The Boston Globe


Not gone.

The last two weeks I've been: teaching up a storm (Early 19th Cent. US History), making some doctor visits, having my 20th wedding anniversary, and actually writing a fantasy short story, which this site was designed to encourage. More links today. - MR



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Halting State by Charles Stross

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